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AmorButtr. A Skin Food Company. Proudly introduces Terra Y Mar.

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What makes AmorButtr. A Skin Food Co. different?

100% natural ingredients, zero chemicals, & Terra Y Mar is an all-in-one moisturizer.

How long until there are noticeable changes to my skin?

Satisfied clients feel their skin silky and smooth upon application and with daily usage it’ll improve the health and glow of the largest organ of the body.

When can I expect to receive my order?

We fulfill orders as they’re being requested & orders ship out every Friday.

Where is AmorButtr manufactured?

San Diego, Ca.

Below are some of our favorite reviews.

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woman sitting while holding her cheeks

“I use it from my scalp to my heels & everything in between!”

— Janeth Orlando, Certified Buyer

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“Noticeable improvement immediately!”

— James Graff, Certified Buyer

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“My husband and I use it for everything! It smells like a bed of roses!”

— Anna Wong, Certified Buyer

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“I no longer have to buy different lotions. This is an all-in-one ready to go moisturizer!”

— Daryll Moore, Certified Buyer

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